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Meet Bart! When he is not sending climbing boulders or making the world a better place as an environmental scientist, you can find him passionately exploring the world of hot jazz. A great guitarist and tenor banjoist, Bart loves early swing greats like Eddie Lang, Carl Kress, Nick Lucas and of course, Django Reinhardt. His attention to detail with the roots of jazz guitar, give him a powerful acoustic sound and a grounded approach to learning the instrument and style.

It's been a great pleasure to connect with Bart over the last couple months through our Swing Collective program! As we work to further define that program, our interactions with Bart have helped shape the discussion. As a community-builder himself, he really understands how powerful it is to show up! We feel lucky to count him among the Swing Collective. So go give him a follow on Instagram and be sure to check out his YouTube page!

Bart Cubrich with Guitar
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