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"Formed in 2011 by students in the University of Utah jazz program, Hot House West (originally named Hot Club of Zion) are a versatile combo that has played all over our great state these past seven years (it's been like fourteen now actually). This record seems to be a product of all that experience and hard work of honing their craft. The first track, “Pyramid,” begins with a roaring, rhythmic guitar riff that becomes entrancing as the first long, drawn-out notes of a violin begin to float over the charging rhythm. The horn section begins to take over the melody, and an interplay of lead guitar and the other elements ensue. The result is a pronouncement of what Hot House West are capable of.

While the obvious influence here is Gypsy jazz, there is a mix of other influences like early swing-jazz greats Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong, and it even has some of Dixieland moments here and there. In a way, these guys are grabbing some the more interesting elements from all over the jazz and roots music palette and landing in their own territory. Even a standard like “Night and Day” becomes a different animal, as cooking solos and red-hot rhythms swirl under lead guitarist, Nathan Royal’s emotive vocals, making this well-tread tune something I’ve never heard before. I don’t know if American Gypsy jazz is a thing, but Hot House West make it beautifully." –James Orme (SLUG Magazine)

A dated description of our first album before we became a nonprofit 501(c)(3) :)

Catalog #: WMR1801

    1. Pyramid (Duke Ellington)

    2. Night & Day (Cole Porter)

    3. Dinette (Django Reinhardt)

    4. Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me (Arthur Swanstone, Charles McCarron & Carey Morgan)

    5. The Girl From Andromeda (Nathan Royal)

    6. Vienna Waltz (Nathan Royal)

    7. I've Found a New Baby (Jack Palmer & Spencer Williams)

    8. Swing 39 (Django Reinhardt)

    9. When You're Smiling (Larry Shay, Mark Fisher & Joe Goodwin)

    10. Vamp (Django Reinhardt)

    11. The Way Things Weren't (Kevin Schultz & Nathan Royal)

    12. Django In Orbit (Nathan Royal & James Martak)

    • Lead Vocals/Guitar

      • Nathan Royal

    • Rhythm Guitar

      • James martak

    • Upright Bass

      • Kevin Schultz

    • Trombone

      • Joe Chisholm

    • Violin​

      • Jesse Maw

    • Trumpet

      • Dr. Dan Jonas

    • Clarinet

      • Jory Woodis

    • Audio/Mixing Engineer

      • Michael Sasitch - Man vs. Music

    • Mastering Engineer

      • James Anderson - The Bit Farm

    • Artwork​

      • Kostis Kounadis

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