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Hot House West, a committed musical non-profit, provides a diverse range of educational opportunities. Their offerings extend from illuminating lectures to hands-on workshops, masterclasses, and private music lessons, all rooted in their unique blend of swing and Gypsy jazz.

Their enlightening lectures delve into varied subjects, from the rich history of their genre to practical aspects of the music business, providing a comprehensive understanding of the musical landscape. In their interactive workshops and masterclasses, participants are guided to hone their skills and appreciate the nuances of gypsy jazz and swing.

Recognizing that personal instruction is key to developing musicianship, Hot House West also facilitates private music lessons. They provide assistance in connecting students with suitable teachers and help them source musical instruments, thereby making music education more accessible and feasible.

Their educational efforts extend to collaborations with local schools, community centers, and the dance community. The collective goal at Hot House West is not just to create music, but to create an inclusive, supportive musical community where learning and passion for music can thrive.

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