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Swing Orchestra

The Hot House West Swing Orchestra combines stellar vocals, a big band of horns, and a Django-inspired rhythm section sound consisting of two guitars, bass, and drums. Their guitar-driven interplay, acrobatic horn lines, punchy hits, and collective improvisation alluding to the streets of New Orleans captures a holistic definition of swing unmatched by any other group. 

Small Groups

Hot House West performs in a variety of small group configurations; from a trio up to an octet. Harkening back to the classic sounds of Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of Paris, the group delivers dynamic interplay between the acoustic rhythm section of two guitars and upright bass with swingin’ soloists and group vocals.

Swing Collective

A new, vibrant ensemble presented by Hot House West. This is not just a group, but a thriving community of dedicated swing musicians.


Hot House West plays for the people—everywhere the band goes, feet tap, smiles broaden, glasses are emptied, and people are moved by the joyful power of swing. Group vocals, audience interaction, masterful improvisation, and a ceaseless swinging pocket are our calling cards. 


The fourteen-piece Hot House West Swing Orchestra serves as the organization’s flagship ensemble performing around the world at festivals, dances, corporate events, private parties, weddings, and for other non-profit organizations. The group also performs in smaller configurations for more intimate settings.

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