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Chans Iverson is a Utah native. He spent most of his youth shredding on a skateboard and playing guitar in Salt Lake City’s vibrant 90’s punk scene. During that time, he was drawn to the enchanting melodies of the Pogues and mesmerized by the accordion played by James Fearnley. Fueled by a relentless passion for music he dove headfirst into the world of accordion and went on to study under local legend Larry Pino. This apprenticeship ignited a deep-seated love affair with the instrument and the rich tapestry of old-world musical traditions. 

For over two decades Chans has worked in sales and honed his craft as the chief technician specializing in repairs and restorations at Accordions International here in Salt Lake City and worked alongside Paul Pasquali to organize the Las Vegas International Accordion Convention which marked its 20th Anniversary and concluded its remarkable journey in 2019.

When he’s not fine tuning-accordions or waxing reeds, you’ll find Chans sharing his love for music with Balajo, where he weaves together a dynamic mix of French, Latin American, and jazz influences. Just don’t expect him to bust out any polkas.

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