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"I'd encourage you to listen to the entire album straight through. 'River Green' bookends the album and there is a flow with the tunes, with bird and cricket sounds speckled throughout. 

The album is half instrumental, with singing on 'River Green,' 'Like a Desert Flower,' 'Solitude,' and 'River Green Reprise.' Songs were written in the span of a month in 2023, with all the instrumentals on my solo flat water river trip on the Green River in Utah. The music to 'Like a Desert Flower' was written by David Ian Baker. 

The album was recorded outside Sage Hen Jewelry's house up Tollgate Canyon in the summer with David Baker, Grayson Wickel, and Ben Weiss. Many of the tunes were workshopped day-of and still have a rawness that I find very endearing. We spent all day recording, eating snacks, chasing chickens, hearing the beautiful birds, and watching the aspen trees sway. 

I hope is gives a little taste of summer and calmness."

--Melissa Chilinski

Catalog #: WMR2401

    1. River Green

    2. Frodo's Folly

    3. Mosquito Symphony

    4. Horseshoe Hideaway

    5. Like a Desert Flower (Melissa Chilinski & David Ian Baker)

    6. Solitude

    7. Bowknot Bend

    8. River Green Reprise

    All tracks written by Melissa Chilinski unless otherwise noted.

    • Banjo/Guitar/Vocals

      • Melissa Chilinski

    • Fiddle/Guitar

      • Grayson Wickel

    • Upright Bass/Guitar

      • David Ian Baker

    • Mandolin/Guitar

      • Ben Weiss

    • Audio Engineering​

      • David Ian Baker​

    • Mixing & Mastering Engineer​

      • Michael Sasitch​ - Man vs. Music

    • Tape Master

      • Dan Young​

    • Artwork​

      • Andy Joy Chase

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