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Jory Woodis, a prodigious clarinetist and educator with roots in the small town of Cowley, Wyoming, has crafted a remarkable journey through music that led him to New Orleans, a city synonymous with jazz's rich history. From an early age, Jory's passion for music was ignited by family influences and a deep connection to jazz, inspired by his grandfather's love for the genre and his own early fascination with the clarinet's intricate sounds in jazz recordings. His formative years were filled with musical exploration, from playing in school bands to absorbing lessons from local and family musicians, setting the foundation for his diverse musical skills, which include proficiency in saxophone, piano, and flute.

Jory's academic and musical pursuits led him to BYU on a full scholarship, where his involvement with the Jazz Legacy Band and mentorship under Dr. Steve Call deepened his commitment to traditional jazz. Despite personal challenges, including a significant battle with weight and the eventual life-changing decision to pursue his passion in New Orleans, Jory's resilience and dedication to music never wavered. His move to "The Big Easy" with his wife Brittney, a talented musician in her own right, marked a new chapter in their lives, embracing the city's vibrant music scene even as they faced the uncertainties of the pandemic.

In New Orleans, Jory quickly integrated into the local jazz community, performing with the DUKES of Dixieland and engaging in projects that celebrate the city's musical heritage. His innovative "Breakfast at Benny's" series showcases his commitment to sharing music's joy and the importance of family, featuring performances with his son Benny as a delighted audience member. As Jory continues to explore and contribute to the evolving jazz landscape, his journey reflects a profound love for the art form, a commitment to musical excellence, and an enduring connection to the community and traditions that define New Orleans' musical soul.

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