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Melissa Chilinski

 Today we are going to shine a spotlight on our dear friend Melissa Chilinski. 


A couple years ago she decided to retire from working on the farm and devote herself to her growing passion, picking the banjo and writing songs that sang like the mountains.


We couldn't be more glad that she decided to make the scary transition of leaving a job to become a full-time musician.


Since really diving into the local Utah music scene, she has been a galvanizing force for community and roots music. As the Director of Community Development at Hot House West and the driving force behind our program, the Trash Moon Collective, Melissa's enthusiasm for people, fun, shenanigans, songs, and the banjo, have brought the community together. Her leadership sends the message that life is better when it is full of friends and tunes.


As we dreamed big about the future of music in Salt Lake and how the nonprofit could help us realize big dreams, Melissa continually brought it back to her experience on the farm. To cultivate something beautiful, you need to prep the soil, give it plenty of sun and love, and watch it grow. We continually come back to this metaphor as we grow our little desert flower music scene.


Melissa will be in the spotlight tonight at the State Room as she releases her new, self-titled album on Westmoon Records. Once again, the night will be full of family, friends, and musical collaborators, all brought together by Melissa to share some incredibly heartfelt and emotionally resonant tunes. So come give back to Melissa and don't miss this show!


The show will be supported by Georgi Petrov and the Hearfolk, a now local SLC jazz guitarist. His band includes Dylan Schorer (guitar/pedal steel), David Baker (bass), Taku Ishikawa (percussion), and Hilary Johson (vocals). Originally from Bulgaria, Georgi spent a decade in New Orleans before moving to Salt Lake City and has quickly become a favorite jazz guitarist in the area, known for his attention to warm tones, dynamics, and creativity.


Check out Melissa's original 'Morning Prine'


Westmoon Records is Hot House West's in house record label which guides artists through the entire process of releasing creative projects from concept to publishing. We're just getting started! Check out our playlist to stay up to date with our releases.


Like a Desert Flower

Lyrics by Melissa Chilinski, Music by David Baker

Performed by the Elderblossoms.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create experiences of connectedness, learning, and joy through the language of acoustic music.


Our Vision

We envision Salt Lake City as a hub for world class acoustic music. We accomplish this by building a healthy community-oriented ecosystem that’s accessible for all.

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