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We are a band on a mission so big, we became a nonprofit 501(c)(3).


Ignite your event with the magic of Gypsy jazz and swing! Book Hot House West today for an unforgettable musical experience.


Empowering through education. Experience our engaging workshops & clinics, nurturing musical talent to create a vibrant community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Join the Hot House West family! Volunteer with us and play a part in shaping the vibrant swing music scene.

What We Offer

Outstanding! One of the best groups I have listened to in years.

Dave Pietro

Maria Schneider Orchestra

Hot House West delivers the goods; a professional performance from start to finish!

Jeff Whiteley

Excellence In The Community

Few modern jazz groups play music that is both readily accessible and deeply sophisticated. Hot House West has built their home at that rarest of intersections.

Russell Schmidt

East Valley Jazz Collective

Prepare to lay back, lift your feet up and enjoy the antique flavors served up in this excellent album.

Alex Blackburn

SLUG Magazine

Hot House West, known for their nuanced mastery of Gypsy jazz and swing, deliver a unique and energetic musical experience. Balancing the bold spirit of Big Band-Era swing and Western swing with the alluring charm of European Gypsy jazz, they create a harmonious fusion that stands out in the music scene. Their melodies resonate with soulful appeal and their rhythms inspire movement. Hot House West captivates listeners of all backgrounds with their dynamic energy, offering an immersive journey into the vibrant world of jazz.

The Music

Hot House West is a spirited non-profit ensemble revolutionizing the music scene by blending electrifying performances with a profound commitment to social impact. Offering a stage for underrepresented and emerging talents, they cultivate musical opportunities through performance, workshops, and collaborative initiatives. Engaging deeply with the local community and dance scene, they break down barriers to ensure music is universally accessible. At Hot House West, they're not just lighting up the stage with fun performances; they're sparking a transformative movement in the world of music.

The Mission

"Patron Saint Django" out September 9th

Mark your calendars for September 9th: our new album “Patron Saint Django” will be released everywhere. Dive into our soundscape on Spotify or your favorite streaming platform and follow us to be there when it drops!

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