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Andrew Glanville is a versatile and dynamic force within the Salt Lake City music scene, renowned for his mastery over woodwinds and his impactful role as an organizer. A key member of the Hot House West Swing Orchestra, Andrew's prowess on the baritone saxophone has captivated audiences, showcasing his deep musicality and dedication to the craft. His journey in music is marked by a rich background that spans various roles and disciplines. With foundational studies in International Relations at The University of Utah, Business Management at Copenhagen Business School, and a Master of Strategic Communication at Westminster College, Andrew brings a unique blend of artistic and strategic acumen to his projects. His contributions as a Communications Director for Excellence in the Community and his work with JazzSLC have been instrumental in enriching the local music landscape. Beyond his organizational skills, Andrew is a skilled educator, offering private lessons in saxophone, flute, clarinet, and music theory. His diverse talents and commitment to fostering a vibrant musical community in his hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah, make Andrew Glanville an invaluable asset to both aspiring musicians and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

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