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It’s been a long minute since Phil was selected an all-NY state and all-Eastern US clarinetist and played tenor sax in a soul band and bari sax in his college jazz ensemble, but he’s managed to keep his reed wet and fingers moving as the seconds have ticked by. He currently enjoys playing woodwinds in several local bands, including Barrage à which features Craig Schriber on lead vocals and guitar and Lise (Darkfiddle) Brunhart on viola and flute; backs up Susan Bush and Bruce Christenson on their projects, and holds down the horn section in the Smokin’ Blues and Disgusting Brothers Bands. He is interested in understanding the positive effect music has on our wellbeing and psyche, and serves on the board of directors of Heart and Soul, a non-profit that brings music to folks who wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy live performances.

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