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Born in the heart of the Appalachian mountains, Grayson was immersed in the rich musical traditions that echo the rugged rhododendrons hills of Western North Carolina. From the young age of seven, Grayson delved into the world of Old-Time and Bluegrass fiddle, honing the craft of Appalachian string band music from family members and local players around. Growing up, Grayson had spent two summers attending the invitational fiddle camp, Shasta Music Summit, where he had the honor of learning under the guidance of artists such as Brittney Haas, Bruce Molskey, Tony Trishka, and other musical talents. During Grayson’s recent years of college in North Carolina, he developed a passion for sharing traditional Appalachian mountain music through being involved with the Avery County 4H Junior Appalachian Musicians (JAM) program, teaching fiddle to local youth in the community. Since moving to Salt Lake City last winter, Grayson has been involved in multiple music groups and projects including Theoretical Blonde, the Elder Blossoms, and Josie O and the Big Six. Periodically, Grayson returns home to play with the brother/cousin trio Gray's Lawn Care.

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