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You'll find Parker Swenson all over town playing drums with exquisite taste and artistry. In addition to being an excellent player, he brings great vibes to the bandstand where he is always calm, cool, and down to follow the music wherever it goes.

Parker currently holds the position of Director of Percussion at the Waterford School in Sandy, Utah. He also contributes his expertise as an Adjunct Professor of Music at Westminster University in Salt Lake City. Since earning his degree from the University of Utah School of Music in 2018, Parker has quickly become a go-to drummer in the state. His talents extend beyond performance; he was a featured presenter at the 2019 Jazz Education Network conference in Reno and has conducted masterclasses at several prestigious universities, including Utah State University, Brigham Young University, and Utah Valley University. A lifelong student of his craft, Parker has had the privilege of studying under the tutelage of renowned drummers Carl Allen and Kenny Washington, fueling his deep-rooted passion for percussion.

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