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The Best of Live Jazz in Salt Lake City

Hot House West IS Acoustic Music in Utah

Welcome to Hot House West! Your best resource for live jazz and acoustic music in Salt Lake City!

Introducing Hot House West

Hot House West is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to create experiences of connectedness, learning, and joy through the language of acoustic music.

Our vision is to see Salt Lake City become a hub for world-class acoustic music! Given the excellent quality of life here in Utah, we don't see any reason why the music scene couldn't rival famous music cities like Austin or Nashville.

Our work focuses on building a healthy, community-oriented ecosystem that’s accessible to all.

Through education, mentorship, and community engagement, Hot House West fosters a vibrant music scene where everyone can participate and thrive!

The Hot House West Swing Orchestra:

The Best Swing Jazz Band in Salt Lake City, Utah

The Hot House West Swing Orchestra is the flagship ensemble of the organization. This 14 piece swing machine embodies the energy, expression, and joy of swing rhythm.

Drawing upon the rich history of swing music, the orchestra blends traditions and styles from Gypsy jazz to western swing, trad jazz to bebop. Bringing together leaders of the music community for this collaborative and fun project, we're lucky to count the music directors of the University of Utah, Weber State, Utah Valley University and BYU among the band.

Their live swing jazz performances are not just musical events but experiences that forge profound connections with the audience, dancers and musicians involved.

The Swing Collective:

Join the Live Music Community in Salt Lake City

The Swing Collective is built on the idea that swing music is community music.

This Hot House West program empowers musicians to improve their craft through weekly workshops and live mentorship opportunities. We find the best way to learn is through community and collaboration. With this in mind, we pair aspiring musicians with seasoned performers on the bandstand to create the best possible learning outcomes.

This program supports musicians to improve their craft, expand their repertoire, polish their improvisations, and connect with other through the irresistible groove of swing rhythm.

Join a local Salt Lake City beginner jazz workshop and jam hosted by The Swing Collective today!

Salt Lake City Live Jazz Events:

Hosted by Hot House West

The list below includes just a few of the many live jazz events in Salt Lake City made possible by Hot House West. View our calendar for specific details on this weeks event!

  • Swingin’ at the Grand America Hotel Lounge

  • Swingin’ at Sicilia Mia Italian Restaurant

  • Swing Workshop and Jam hosted by local pros at Millcreek Common

  • Rotating Jazz Trio at Sawadee Thai Restaurant

Hot House West Highlighted Jazz Musicians in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is a talent hub for Jazz musicians, and Hot House West works hard to highlight those who bring their passion and expertise to every performance.

  • Nathan Royal: The executive director of Hot House West and a gifted guitarist with a deep love for acoustic music. Legend says Nathan Royal once made a deal with the devil. No one knows what Nathan got, but the devil got guitar lessons.

  • Hayley Kirkland: A versatile vocalist known for her captivating performances and commitment to the jazz community in Utah.

  • James Martak: A co-founder of Hot House West and a skilled guitarist with a rich understanding of the hot club tradition and an unparalleled le pompe guitar feel.

  • Dr. David Baker: A bassist who brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic presence to the ensemble.

  • Dr. Daniel Jonas: Want to hear the best jazz trumpet in Utah? Dr. Dan is your man. In addition to being an incredible trumpet player and performer, Dan is a gifted music teacher. He is the music director of Weber State University.

  • Dr. Josiah Boornazian: Dr. Josiah is a top-tier saxophonist and educator. Besides being the Director of Jazz studies at the University of Utah he is deeply engaged in growing the jazz scene in Utah.

  • Dr. Brian Woodbury: We are lucky to have Dr. Woodbury here in Utah. He could be playing jazz trombone at the highest level in any city in the world. We're excited to announce that he is the new Director of Jazz Studies at Brigham Young University!

Jazz Bands in Salt Lake City

Presented by Hot House West

Hot House West has been instrumental (pun intended) in providing a stage (literally) to several Jazz Bands in Salt Lake City.

Visit the Hot House West website to see information on booking a jazz band, or for live jazz events coming to Salt Lake City


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